VW Sharan loses door but still Scores 4-Stars at Crash test?!

Sharan Crash Test

Even the best-rated cars for safety don’t look like this after they’ve been through a crash test, but there’s something particularly troubling about the result of this Volkswagen Sharan.

As you can clearly see in the image, the MPV’s door made a bid for freedom during a test by Euro NCAP. The vehicle lost marks due to a rear door detaching during the side pole test, “presenting a risk of occupant ejection,” Thatcham Research says.

“Although the Volkswagen Sharan is actually still and older design, families will still choose it,” Thatcham’s research chief Matthew Avery said, adding, “A structural failure of this magnitude in impact testing is disappointing.”

Despite being penalized for the wayward door, the Volkswagen Sharan was still awarded a four-star rating. That’s down from the car’s previous Euro NCAP score of five stars, achieved after being put through a less stringent version of the side pole test. That time it didn’t result in any flyaway doors.

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