600HP Mercedes-AMG C63s vs 570HP Ferrari 458 Italia

During the SCC500 Rolling50 1000 this Mercedes-AMG C63S Estate with Akrapovic Exhaust by PP Performance was also there. It raced against a Ferrari 458 Italia, Ford Focus RS MK3 and GLC43 AMG! I hope you enjoy the video. BEST VMAX AFTER 1000 METERS Ferrari 458 Italia: 259.92 km/h Mercedes-AMG C63s Estate: 248.30 km/h Mercedes-AMG

New World Record Audi AWD Audi TT R30

Some of you may know this Audi TT already with a 6 cylinder R30 VR6 engine and AWD! This beast had on his last dyno run 1356HP @2,5 bar of boost! That is some serious power coming out of that beast! Making him also break the world record for AWD Audi!