W124 V12 Mercedes-Benz with Huge Supercharger

A heavily modified Mercedes W124 300TE makes a local circuit unsafe in Sweden. The handling of the Benz is not what you expect for a drift car, or it's just the driver being unexperienced! Despite that, we can enjoy the cranky V12 with its gigantic supercharger. Definitely interesting and we would

This Twin Engine Pickup Has 500HP PER ENGINE!

Paul Robinson's Vauxhall Astra Pickup has not one but two Saab 2.3L engines making 500hp+ per engine! The engines are both stock internals with tubular manifolds, HX40/HX35 11cm Turbos, a twin charge cooler system and X3 AEM Fuel Pumps. Both engines are bolted up to stock F23 gearboxes with open