“McLaren F1” Evo 1.7 Turbo || 4G63 Engine Swap

The target of tremendous interest from all the HillClimb Racing community during all of last Season, it was the new Monster driven by Marek Rybnicek, a McLaren F1 GT powered by a 600Hp/9.500Rpm de-stroked 1.7L 4G63 Turbocharged Engine. So right now everyone is probably totally confused about this strange creation.

Worlds FIRST EVO X in the 7’s!! (TX2K20)

English Racing has brought this ETS EVO X to a new level this year. With an incredible team and kick-ass sponsors helping every step along the way, Myles has accomplished a new, record-setting ET in the car. Doing what no EVO X has done before! We couldn't be happier for ETS,