1000Hp/1000Kg FORD Fiesta w/ VOLVO Inline 5 Turbo || FLAT-OUT & CRASH

This is currently one of the most insane HillClimb Monsters in the World, the 1000Hp/1000Kg Ford Fiesta Turbo20 RX of Stian Hafsengen, the norwegian Hillclimb and Rallycross specialist, famous for his Blue Monsters (first his Escort WRC and now this Fiesta).

Powered by the 2.5L Volvo Inline 5 Turbo engine from the Focus RS and delivering a soundtrack worthy of a Group B Beast, the even better part is the insane Driving style of Mr. Hafsengen, taking the this little machine to the Limit on every corner and sometimes even over it, as can be see at theend of the clip with the incident & savethat made him go famous during the last couple years. This is one to remember.

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