11.000RPM Lotus Elise ONBOARD || Double HAYABUSA V8 Swap

One of the quickest Monsters in European HillClimb Racing, Dan Michl´s Lotus Elise V8 had a very successful 2021 Season and is sporting its most evolved spec ever.

This is not a new Monster in European HillClimb Racing by any means, being the product of over 10 years of development and racing by Michl Motorsport. Using the Elise/Speedster chassis at its core, it is from that point on, a highly modified beast, with the most notable feature being the unique engine used.

Powered by a Hartley V8 unit in Naturally Aspirated form and now on 3.0L form, it is capable of 430Hp/11.000Rpm. For those unaware, this V8 is built using as base 2 Hayabusa Engine units and “fusing” them into a single engine. Of course it is way more complicated than that but in rough terms that is how this Dry-Sumped engine is built.

And here it finds the perfect counterpart, in this mid-engined, 730Kg, carbon fibre bodied Monster that on 2021 is still as competitive as ever and always fighting for the Top spot among Touring Cars in each event it enters.

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