This 700 BHP GOLF MK3 is *MENTAL*!

MK3 vr6 turbo Golf

DMO and his crazy and funny videos with some sick and fast cars! In this video he is together with Rae Dhillon Gami, the owner of this mental MK3 Golf with AWD and 700BHP! This thing rocks! The sound and the way it pulls is just MENTAL! The weather is cold, no heater in the car but still all fun and giggles and a lot of adrenaline in this one.

Just watch the video below to see this mental Volkswagen MK3 VR6 Turbo Golf and share this one also with your friends. Don’t forget to leave a comment and follow us also on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram! We hope to see a part 2 of this sick Volkswagen Golf!

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