1100HP Sequential Evo IX goes 190mph – 55psi of BOOST

sequential gearbox lancer evo 1100HP

The Infamous Sequential Evo IX is back and stronger than ever! The first outing in the car was at the WannaGoFast 1/2 mile event in Ocala, FL. The Evo came to play with a few changes, its now running an AEM infinity, ETS 6″ FMIC and A LOT of boost!

2006 Evo IX Mods:
Built 2.2L (built by Ronnie Crawford in 2007, Carillo/CP, billet crank, 8:1 CR)
Car built by Machines Gone Wild in Miami, FL
Tuned by Lance toyomoto
Drenth Sequential Transmission
FP Super 99 turbo (55PSI – capable of running 65PSI)
E85 Fuel
Full weight 3300lb’s w/driver

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