11000+RPM and 50+psi BOOST HONDA CRX

1100HP Honda CRX Del Sol Turbo

This CRX / Del Sol was built from scratch and features a heavily modified and high revving 1.8L Honda 4-cylinder engine boosted by a 76mm Precision turbo on upwards of 50psi boost. The combination is good for over 1000hp which has resulted in some very impressive time slips.

1993 Honda CRX / Delsol, Honda B18C 1.8L built by LS Autoworks, Precision 76mm turbo @ 53psi,Hypertune plenum, custom water intercooler, MoTeC M800 ECU, Roo16 fuel,Honda gearbox with PPG gearset, Mark Williams spool & driveshafts, Power: Approx 1100hp, Race weight: 2400Ib / 1085kg

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