1200HP CHEVY CAMARO 67´ Pikes Peak Special || LS7 Turbo ONBOARD

This is the brutal Chevrolet Camaro 67´ owned and prepared by Mike DuSold of DuSold Designs,and while incredibly still road legal, here taken to a 1200+Hp Pikes Peak ready extreme!

Powered by state-of-the-art LS7 engine unit in Turbocharged form and sporting a Rocket Anti-Lag system, it can produce up to almost 1500Hp but is here taken to a more manageable 1200Hp (!!!) to withstand the tricky bits of the legendary Mountain located in Colorado Springs.

While still a bit heavy at 1450Kg, it certainly makes up for it with raw power and a quite impressive aerodynamic package. Looking for a sub-9 minutes run under ideal conditions, during the 2022 edition we already saw it placing among the 15 fastest Monsters on the Pikes Peak under some horrendous conditions as can be seen on the clip.

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