1200HP Manual Porsche IS A DREAM! – 911 Turbo AWD (200MPH Daily on STOCK Transmission!)

Usually when we feature Geo from Real Street Performance he’s piloting a 6 second 2000HP 2JZ Supra. This time we have some fun in Geo’s daily driver, a 1200WHP 2008 Porsche 911 Turbo built by AIM Performance NJ.

This car is an absolute blast to drive, the manual transmission makes the overall experience very raw, but also very refined like you would expect from the Porsche brand. We Couldn’t believe this car is still running a completely factory manual transmission at this power level and it shifts butter smooth!

AIM1200 package by AIM Performance
NJ Built 3.8L
Precision 6262 Turbo Kit
Fuel : One Ethanol R
Tuning: Syvecs by Emre at ES Motors

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