500HP Twin Turbo 13B Rotary Mazdaspeed March 84G Group C!

Twin Turbo 13B Rotary

During the Goodwood Festival of Speed I have filmed this amazing Twin Turbo 13B Rotary March Mazda 84G Group C driven by Warwick Mortimer. By the mid-1980’s, March had found a successful niche as a supplier of Group C chassis, with considerable succes for the company’s cars around the world.

The 84G was variously fitted with a Buick V6 Turbo, a Chevrolet V8 and a Porsche flat-six. But this was the most exotic powerplant a twin turbocharged 13B Mazda Rotary built for the 1984 Fuji 1000. Follow us also on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.

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