1311HP Nissan 300zx with Audi 1.8T 20v 4cyl AEB engine

Mati Põld 1311HP & 1020ft-lbs (nitrous) 1992 Nissan 300zx with Audi 1.8T 20-valve AEB 4-cylinder engine, swapped from A4 B5. Corrupted Drag Racing Team. Engine sound & 1/8 mile drag race @ Autovärvid.ee Tartu Drag Race 2017, Raadi airfield [03.06.2017]

Engine:058 AEB 1861cc R4 turbo
Moran motorsport 5250cc injectors
Moroso Block Filler filled engine block
Wiseco 83mm low compression forged pistons.
SPM forged con rods
ACL racing bearings
Weaver Brothers dry sump system with AN pipes and custom details Ported cylinder head with +1mm larger valves (Windorf OÜ + MotoLabor Racing Services)
The reinforced valve springs and titanium retainers ADR inlet and exhaust camshafts
ARP bolts Custom exhaust manifold by SUVI performance Custom intake manifold by SUVI performance
44mm TIAL wastegate and AEM boost controller
Holset HX50 super turbo 3.5 inch downpipe
3 inch aluminum intake pipes
TIAL blow off valve
600x300x125 mm intercooler
Nitrous Express 100hp
Custom flywheel ~ 7kg TILTON three-disc clutch

0-100kmh: ~ 2 sec
0-200kmh: ~ 6 sec
0-260kmh: ~ 9.2sec
Best ET (1/4 mile): 8,908@268,66 km/h

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