The “Loaded Taco” | Turbo 2JZ Tacoma

Turbo 2JZ Tacoma

After being featured on 1320Video a few times, it was about time this Tiny, Turbo Toyota was properly named! Taking into consideration the number impressive accomplishments that have come from this little package pickup, it was easy for Fred to land on the “Loaded Taco”. Loaded with boost, power, and surprises this Toyota Taco is one of the last vehicles you’d expect to be intimidated by at a track.

Entering into the True Street class again for 2019, this year the goal was to make it farther than the semi-finals and that’s exactly what happened. Granted there was certainly some luck involved, this achievement has been years in the making and was certainly hard earned!

Check out the “Loaded Taco” as it fights through tuning quirks and challenges at Import vs Domestic’s: World Cup Finals in Bud’s Creek, Maryland!

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