1566HP HST AUDI TT R30 Turbo – 7.77 @ 182mph 1/4 MILE

The HST TurboTuning R30 Turbo Audi TT was back over in the UK at Santa Pod Raceway for the VWDRC Drag Days event. We had previously shared it back in 2018 where it run a 7.71 @ 184mph, and since then they have gone on to run even quicker with a 7.52 @ 187mph. Making it without doubt the quickest Audi TT in the World.

Now with more power! 1566HP, they were here to try and go even quicker. Unfortunately not long after these two runs, they had a top end crash at over 150mph, putting an end to their racing. We are not sure on the full extent of the damage to the car, but more importantly all the safety equipment did its job, and the driver was ok.

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