2000HP Nissan Patrol GQ races 950hp Datsun 1600 // THIS vs THAT Down Under

Gary’s been waiting for this one! Michael and Joe from @QuickBitz brought their off-road spec “evil” GQ Patrol that they claim makes a whopping 2,000 horsepower. It’s powered by a 5.2L inline 6, boosted by a HUGE 98mm Garrett turbo, reinforced by a lotta custom billet parts, and is known to wheel stand on the track.

Meanwhile Daniel’s Datsun sedan was originally a burnout car, but he swapped in an absolute UNIT of an engine — a 4L Ford Barra so strong it needed a half grout-fill to reinforce it, plus a custom molded bonnet to fit it in. They both both got slicks. They both got beadlocks. They both got brake chutes. They both GOTTA RACE!

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