2000HP+ WORLDS QUICKEST 275 Radial Import!

WORLDS QUICKEST 275 Radial Import

Zachary Park, driving the Nissan 240sx known as “White Rice”, has been making some serious strides as of late. He ran the 2JZ powered Nissan in X275 vs Hot Rod 1/4 mile at a Devilish 6.66@214 during the 2018 World Cup Finals – Import vs.

Domestic’s, with a nice 4.36@172 1/8th mile split! This was on the class legal 102mm Single Turbo. Fast forward to 2019 at the most recent Lights Out 10, where he set the car up for X275 legal rules with an 88mm Turbo and bested a 4.42@170!

We cant wait to see “White Rice” back at the Duck X Productions Sweet 16 in March running for that $50k in X275! Congrats to the Team on the records and constant improvements

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