FASTEST Manual Car Ever! 2100HP Supra Pulls INSANE WHEELIE (0-60MPH in 1 Second!)

On this episode we’re back with one our favorite cars on the planet, Grannas Racing’s 2100HP Toyota Supra. This car screams badass drivermod all over it… running a billet 2JZ that revs to 10,800RPM, 6 speed manual h-pattern trans, Promod 102mm turbo pushing 75PSI, and a 200shot of nitrous to top it off!

Joel Grannas has been racing stick shift Toyota Supras for over 10 years and the culmination of all his hard work has earned him the record of quickest and fastest manual car ever! Congrats to everyone involved with this amazing machine, strap in and enjoy some beautiful 2JZ sounds!

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