Brakes Tesla Model S Plaid refuse at 270 + km/h and hard crash follows

“I was almost killed in my Tesla” was the title of a video that the YouTuber below posted two weeks ago. The answer is ‘no’, but that doesn’t mean this Model S Plaid isn’t trying. Or actually we dare to put the blame more or less on the owner. There is quite a lot going on with this car.

The first thing you notice is the lack of interior. The car with 1020 horsepower weighs about 300 kilos less because everything from the back seat to the airbags are out of the car. This is the result of a previous stunt where the owner completely submerged the car to drive it underwater. However, water damage is not the cause of the crash, according to the owner.

Why the Tesla Model S Plaid brakes fail

Chet hints that the cause of the crash is the old brake fluid. He replaced the brakes with large carbon ceramic units from Unplugged Performance, but did not replace the brake fluid. The track session caused the fluid to get too hot and the brakes completely failed at over 270 km/h.

The Tesla Model S Plaid comes off hard and ends up in the tire pile. The driver gets out of the car, but with five broken ribs, a broken knee (cap?) and a torn cruciate ligament. Something tells us he got away with that very well, considering the lack of safety features. Today’s advice: If you’re going to hit the track with 1000+ horsepower, invest in a roll cage and six-point seat belt. Or at least leave the airbags in place.

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