1000+HP Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 || INSANE Hill Run OVER THE LIMIT

The absolutely brutal Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 of Wade Zummeren in all its 1000+Hp/9.000Rpm glory was the protagonist of probably the most dramatic HillClimb run of the whole Season last year.

During the Top 10 ShootOut at Simola HillClimb caution was simply thrown out of the window and between sideways action, wheels of the track, flames and flying rubber cones, it had everything a Motorsports fan look for.

The fact all this was done at the wheel of a Monster powered by a 2.8L “RB28” producing over 1000Hp at a screaming 9.000Rpm, achieving almost a 1:1 power to weight ratio, simply makes it all the more impressive. And with the footage of the earlier runs, you can also see that the victory and Record at Simola was very possible. Surely 2022 will bring even more and an opportunity for redemption.

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