[3D Binaural Audio] Ferrari F1 V8, V10 & V12 at Imola Circuit! – F2002, F92A, F2008 & More

Enjoy some Ferrari Formula 1 cars I recorded with my binaural microphone during a Corse Clienti trackday at Imola Circuit! List of the cars in the video:
Ferrari F92A V12
Ferrari F399 V10 Ferrari
F2002 V10 Ferrari F2007 V8
Ferrari F2008 V8
Ferrari 150° Italia V8

— What the hell is a 3D/Binaural recording? — B
inaural recordings are reproductions of sound the way human ears hear it. Traditionally, recordings have been made using mono or stereo. Mono uses a single microphone while stereo uses two, spaced apart from each other. Binaural recording takes the stereo method one step further by placing two microphones approximately at the same average distance that exists between one and the other human ear.

To recreate the best effect you must put the microphones in your ears or by using a “dummy head” (wherein a mannequin head is outfitted with a microphone in each ear) because having a real head or a head shape that separates the two microphones is what makes the magic works. In fact if a car passes on your left side the sound will take a few extra microseconds to reach the right ear and it will also be louder in one ear (left) than the other.

This is caused by the fact we have a thick skull and spongy brain between the two ears and sound waves interact with the physical constitution of the listener and the surrounding space.

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