Ford GT90 QUAD TURBO V12 Found Hidden in Rural Town! (PRICELESS “Barn Find”)

On this episode while adventuring in Oklahoma with Jrod’s Garage, these stumbled upon the rural town of ames, oklahoma (population 193) and found one of the most rare ford cars of all time! Hidden away in this town is the 1 of 1 Ford GT90 concept car originally produced for $3,000,000 in 1995, producing over 750hp that made it the worlds most powerful production car during that time period.

The GT90 was the predecessor to the now wildly popular Ford GT platform. When we asked the owner about an approximate value of the GT90 he said it’s PRICELESS, but he was offered $8million for it, which he turned down. Safe to say this was one of the coolest random car finds we’ve had in a long time. Huge thank you to Hajek motorsports for having us, hope you enjoy this episode!

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