4,039 WHP Twin Turbo 1963 Chevy Nova | Gary Ubert/Team NC3

There is no off-season when it comes to making horsepower and the FuelTech USA team recently tested a powerful 1963 Chevy Nova on its in-house Mainline hub dyno.

Gary Ubert and Team NC3 were aiming for 4,000 WHP with their twin turbo 572ci HEMI powerplant and accomplished that mission by the end of the test session. FuelTech USA’s customer service was put front and center when the team bolted the Nova to the hub dyno.

It wasn’t just a hook up and go during this outing; Ubert and FuelTech discovered a few problems that could’ve ended with catastrophic engine failure if they ran the car off the trailer at a drag strip. A quick fix followed by a couple of tune-up dyno passes showed it was all systems go.

The full boost run ended the day as the Nova released 4,039 WHP from its Pro Line Racing 481X powerplant. FuelTech products provide ultimate control over the Garrett-turbocharged Nova thanks to the FT600 engine management unit, which is part of the PowerFT line-up of ECUs.

The FT600 along with the FT550, FT550LITE, and FT450 are jam-packed with loads of features that street and strip enthusiasts rely on for engine and powertrain management. Those features include integrated Boost Controller, PRO-Nitrous Controller, sequential injection and ignition, Traction Control, Delay Box, O2 Closed Loop, and Data Acquisition.

The FT600, FT550, and FT450 control boxes come with an LCD display screen, providing information for the driver and the ability to make adjustments without hooking up to a laptop or PC.

Adding a FuelTech SwitchPanel enables users to not only have a high-quality switch panel but also use CANbus connection for expanded inputs that feed back to the ECU.

One of the unique products that Ubert utilizes on the powerful Nova is the Alcohol O2 dual channel conditioner from FuelTech. It connects to the FT600 through a CANbus connection, allowing the ECU to read extremely rich air/fuel ratios, like 1.80 AFR in alcohol combinations.

The FuelTech Alcohol O2 dual channel condition accomplishes that task thanks to a highly accurate NTK O2 sensor. Creating over 4,000 WHP requires copious amounts of air and fuel, which necessitates the use of a robust ignition system and FuelTech has several solutions.

Ubert’s Nova relies on a FuelTech FTSPARK-8 Gen I ignition system, which provides 600 mj of energy. For those who need more, there is the newly released FTSPARK-8 Gen 2 that cranks a minimum guaranteed 750mj of energy at 140 amps.

And when you need to light off the craziest amounts of air and fuel, FuelTech crushed the market with its FTSPARK Extreme, offering a guaranteed minimum of 1,500mj of energy and a max rating of 1,700mj with 175 amps of current at the primary coil.

From its Mainline Hub Dyno testing for customers that saves time and money to world class ECU, Ignition, and accessories for any combination is why you’re seeing FuelTech everywhere.

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