500+HP Lotus Omega BiTurbo || CRAZY Onboard & SIDEWAYS

Lotus Omega BiTurbo

We go back to 2017 to show a spectacular run by Thomas Weberhofer on Paldau Bergrallye with his 500+hp Lotus Omega Bi-Turbo.

Evolved through the years and raced in the Austrian Hill Climb Championship on selected events, the Lotus Carlton/Lotus Omega is powered by a quite powerful 3.6L Inline 6 Twin turbo engine and has been subject to several developments in its aerodynamics and bodywork, with many weight reducing measures being applied.

Still at its core it is a very analogue machine as can be seen by the H-Pattern Gearbox and use of Clutch pedal and the high-boost, high Turbo-Lag nature of its power delivery. But in the end it´s really the Spectacular Driving Style of Mr. Weberhofer that stands out, even more so at the wheel of what is nowadays quite a rare car… Follow us also on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram!

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