740 SEAT LEÓN R32 Turbo || VR6 Engine Swap BRUTAL Sound

The outrageous SEAT León of Dejan Dimitrijevic has continued its evolution in 2023, impressing with its 740Hp 3.2L V6 Turbo Engine unit and its 4WD transmission, alongside a more developed Aerodynamic package.

Here we can see it on both Ilirska-Bistrica and Buzet, where it placed among the fastest Top 15 Touring Cars present on the event. Of course the soundtrack provided through the beautiful Croatian and Slovenian landscape is something that fans will never forget above all else, with the combination of high revs, high boost and highly aggressive Anti-Lag system making for a tremendous aural experience for eveyone present.

Beyond that, this is the usual Monster all fans love, using a Golf IV R32 drivetrain, SEAT Leon bodywork, KAPS 6-speed sequential gearbox, and pretty much the most aggressive ALS system in all of Hillclimb Racing. Hopefully it´ll keep evolving through 2022 so we can document how crazier it will get.

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