VR6 TURBO R32 TURBO Sound Acceleration Compilation

R32 Turbo VR6 Turbo

The VR6 Turbo is one heck of an engine. Factory stock it produces only 174 or 190 Horsepower (2.8 or 2.9). It has just 12 valves and it originally has his max power output at about 5800 RPM’s. But over the years this engine has proofed us that it’s capable of much more power!

The stock engines are able to hold 450HP with just some little hardware upgrades, like rod bolts and head bolts from ARP. The R32 on the other hand is out of the factory more powerfull but also used in many Turbo swaps and also can make some awesome power! The most powerfull VR6 12V has had 1400+HP which is DonkeyTec’s MK2 VR6 Turbo! Watch the video, leave a comment and follow us also on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram!

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