800HP BMW 135i on STOCK ENGINE vs Built GTR and Hellcat vs AWD Eclipse GSX

This is one impressive BMW 135i pushing 800HP(650-700whp). Running a completely factory long block tuned by emp tuning with a single Precision 6266, stock transmission, and 265/35 street tires! He also wins the award for best license plate (SND NUDZ) LOL!

The list of mods of all cars is listed below. Watch the video, share this one with your friends and leave a comment.
Nissan GTR mods:
built engine
stock turbos (maxed out)

2015 Hellcat charger:
built by gear head fabrications
Gear head fab stage 3.5 (e85 fuel)

1991 AWD Eclipse GSX:
built 2.0L
Built Trans
Precision 7685 (30psi)
EMS(ecu) tuned by Andre EMS

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