840whp Turbo VR6 VW Corrado Screaming On The Dyno With K.P. Tuning

Turbo vr6 corrado

Holley EFI on a VR6 Turbocharged VW Corrado? Sign K.P. Tuning up, it’s time to make some jam! Unfortunately, the engine developed a valve train sound near the end of the tuning session.

Some diagnosing found a beat down valve tip and .050 valve lash, along with a cracked intake manifold. Once fixed it will be back for some more fine tuning, but for now 840whp is ready to be unleashed at the track.

12v VR6 Built Engine
Custom Comp Cams
Custom Intake & Exhaust Manifolds
7285 Turbo
Liberty Dog Box Trans
Magnafuel 4303 fuel pump
ID 2000cc Injectors
Ignite Red Race Fuel
Holley EFI EMS

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