9.000Rpm Porsche 911 GT3 Cup || Full Onboard – HillClimb Masters 2018

9000RPM Porsche 911 GT3 Cup

Humberto Janssens has for years been among the fastest Spanish HillClimb drivers at the wheel of various Porsche GT models and on 2018 he competed with the 991-Gen GT3 Cup car. After numerous victories in Spanish Hillclimb Races, he participated in this year´s edition of the FIA HillClimb Masters in Gubbio, Italy,

Here we can see the Spanish Veteran at the wheel of his 500Hp/9.000Rpm Naturally Aspirated Monster, displaying just how efficient the Rear Engined Boxer Monster can be in its Utlimate form, and how even in this not so extreme spec it still can post very good results, by almost breaking into the Top 10 Fastest Touring Cars present in the event.

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