9.800RPM Citroen AX Kit-Car || ONBOARD Berg-Cup Monster

Regulars on the spectacular Berg-Cup series, this is the new Citroen AX Monster built by the Schulte family, this one driven by the son Benedikt, debuting during last season and goign through development in a number of racs like Osnabruck and Turckheim which we show here.

It´s a 1.6L Naturally Aspirated TU5JP4 powered machine producing around 255Hp/9.800Rpm, driven by the Front wheels through a SADEV sequential gearbox (which curiously has a failure on this video during the Onboard portion). Weighing only 732Kg, this is a true example of extreme the classic Hatchbacks can be taken in Berg-Cup.

And one we will certainly keep an eye on, as it continues its development..

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