4WD 900HP OPEL KADETT WKT – The Ultimate Sleeper ??

Opel Kadett WKT C20LET 4x4

What you see here is an astonishing 900HP Opel WKT Kadett! At this moment (2018) this Kaddett has 1200+HP. This ludicrously fast sleeper is the work of tuning company WKT. The original 1.6-litre engine has been thrown in the bin, replaced by a 2.0-litre 16V Turbo 4×4 Ecotec unit packing the mother of all turbochargers, now running 2.45 bar.

The result is 900 hp and an undisclosed torque figure what makes the car become a hard to beat contender in any type of drag race from a roll, as the footage clearly shows. Follow us also on Facebook!

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