A 700HP TwinTurbo Mercedes E55 AMG Track Kart!? Home-Built Race Machine

TwinTurbo Mercedes E55 AMG

Mental! The fact he put a E55 AMG in it is already crazy, but putting also 2 turbo’s on it makes this a next level build! The owner Shehryan Khan weighed almost every part before using it.

The engine is normally a supercharged Mercedes V8, but now with two GT35ish Turbochargers on it, managed by a AEM Infinity ECU and it produces 550HP and weighs just 950kgs! Internals? Fully stock! He only lowered the compressiom ratio to 8.5.

The Transmission he used comes from Japan! The commonly used Nissan 350Z transmission has been fitted to the AMG engine and he made a paddle shift pneumatic system!

So this makes this AMG Beast a manually shifted beast, with paddle shifters, no dogbox! It needs 200 milliseconds to shift to the next gear! The differential comes from the E55 AMG fitted with a LSD.

Just watch the video to learn more about it. There is so much interesting stuff done to this build. We watched it with our mouth open, how this guy managed to build something like this is crazy.

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