Honda Civic Type R hits 2 cars in Crash on Nürburgring

On the fast stretch from Fuchsröhre to Adenau, this Honda Civic Type R driver made a mistake in a slow-moving Ford Fiesta that suddenly turns left. The driver of the EP3 slammed on the brakes and was able to avoid a hard collision, but did graze the rental car from Ring Speed.

Then the Honda hits the grass, spins and turns back onto the tarmac for an oncoming Golf GTI Clubsport. Fortunately, the Volkswagen driver was sharp and his speed was already reasonable, making the impact not so bad.

The camera guy says:

“Me the camera man who was sitting in the EP3 as a passenger just exprienced my first crash on the Nordschleife, I would have been seriously injurded if the GTI CS didn’t make it to brake as hard as possible, so first at all I must give my very Danke Schön to the GTI driver for his great efforts saved my ass.”

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