A Bugatti Veyron with Rear Seats and FWD?!

Bugatti Veyron with Rear Seats and FWD

If you don’t take your very expensive hypercar out to drive it and put it in a heated garage does it even matter at all how fast it is or what engine it has?

Or how about this dilemma: would you rather have a real Bugatti Veyron with a W16 engine that you don’t drive in, or this special replica? You are looking at the one and only front-wheel drive Bugatti Veyron in the world. And also the only one where you can put people on the back seat.

This Bugatti Veyron is a replica based on a Mercury Cougar from 2002. Where the sixteen-cylinder engine on a normal Veyron swallows up all the space for a rear seat, the V6 petrol engine is at the front of this car; and there is room for extra passengers in the back. The active rear spoiler, which folds out at high speeds, really works!

According to the Orlando seller, the car is worth $125,000. The insurer seems to agree, because he insured the car for $120,000.

It is impossible to say how much time and money disappeared in the replica, but we must say that it looks twisted when you consider what the starting point was. Take a look at the pictures, leave a comment and share this with your friends!

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