Modified MKIV vs MKV SUPRA, HEAD TO HEAD! 750hp Manual vs 600hp Auto, 2JZ vs B58


The race we have been wanting to run for a while! Who will win?! Whenever these guys have roll raced their JZA80 MKIV Supra, it’s been a struggle to shift fast enough to keep up with autos, even with far less power..

So they figured they would put their two modified Supras head to head in this roll race 🙂

Specs: 1998 Toyota JZA80 MKIV Supra
735whp @ 7115rpm 852Nm @ 5112rpm
6 Speed Manual
Stock bottom end Haltech Elite 2500 ECU
GCG Garrett GTX3584RS Turbo on 6 Boost manifold Turbosmart gate, FPR & BOV
DCS Clutch Kelford Cams & Valve springs
Hypertune intake
PWR cooling system

2020 Toyota A90 MKV Supra
833NM @ 2825rpm 525hp @ 4869rpm
8 Speed Auto
Stock engine & Turbo
PWR cooling system
Visconti flex tune
Boostlogic exhaust

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