Mercedes-AMG: Manual Transmission is over and out!

Manual Transmission is over and out

The guys from Topgear thought what is possible with BMW M is also possible with Mercedes-AMG. So they asked AMG boss Tobias Moers if he had thought of an old-fashioned manual sports car. After all, competitor BMW is not getting rid of the Manual transmission. He could barely keep his coffee on board. We assume that he means that they are not going to do it…

Moers certainly tells TopGear: “The manual transmission is finished business. Yes, of course there is a Porsche GT3 and Aston Martin with the Vantage, I know that. But in the world of emissions, it is a niche market that needs a completely different calibration. Good luck with that. It is a lot of work, with few sales”

There is no pin in between: there will be no AMG models with a manual transmission. You can’t call it a surprise without a glance, there have been no AMGs without vending machines for years. We can now let go of the last bit of hope that Mercedes-AMG would develop a manual gearbox because BMW does it too.

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