Audi A4 Quattro STW || 310Hp/8.750Rpm Touring Car Monster

Audi A4 Quattro STW

This is Danny Krieg´s Monster, one of the Top 2.0L Class machines in the Swiss Championship and one of the last Audi A4 Touring Cars still competing on Europe.

It´s a 1997 Chassis including all the good stuff these dominant Touring Cars had including the Quattro All Wheel Drive system, the 2.0L Naturally Aspirated Engine capable of 310Hp/8.750Rpm, Ohlins suspension, 6-speed Sequential Gearbox among much more.

Like many of the 90´s STW machines, it is a tremendously efficient race car capable of posting results far above what the raw numbers might suggest. And to that we celebrate their presence and those who still campaign such exquisite machinery.

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