Audi A4 STW 1.2 Turbo Swap || ONBOARD 380Hp/11.000Rpm

Here we remember Andreas Marko and his spectacular Audi A4 STW in its latest spec, powered by a 1163cc Turbo engine using a highly reworked VW/Audi KR Block and Custom built 16 Valve head , in order to still squeeze under E1-2000 Class rules while using forced induction.

With over 380Hp/11.000Rpm, this 4 Wheel Drive Monster takes advantage of the fantastic chassis of the 90´s Touring Car and its lightweight construction, tipping the scales at little over 950Kg. Stopped now quite some since the World stopped after 2019, here it was in action in all its glory at Ilirska-Bistrica. we just hope it comes back soon to prove how fast this creation really can be.

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