Audi Quattro MEGA test: flat out in S1 Group B monster

The saying goes that three is a magic number – yet for Audi, it’s five that holds a special place. This year marks 45 years of the German brand’s iconic five-cylinder engine configuration – and as a celebration to round off the year, they have gathered together some of the most famous models to be powered by the legendary five-pot motor.

But 2022 also sees another anniversary, because earlier this year the company’s latest and greatest RS3 landed in the UK, marking the final model in the brand’s history to feature five-cylinder power.

The story started with the Audi 100 C2. The second generation of the brand’s family saloon was the first to get a five-pot motor, producing a grand total of 134bhp from its 2.1-litre fuel-injected engine.

However, it wasn’t until a few years later, in 1980, when Audi’s five-cylinder history became really interesting, with a greater focus on performance. This is where our man Sean Carson picks up the story – join him for a blast in the firm’s greatest ever five-cylinder models.

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