AUDI RS4 AVANT 4.2 V8 QUATTRO (B8.5) – FUTURE ICON? 8250rpm orchestra

There is something about an Audi RS4. In all its generations, starting from the now legendary B5, until the latest B9.5, they all have something unique and unforgettable. The most known are the B5 and the B7, while the latest B9 and B9.5 also are quite popular due to their high tuning capabilities.

But there is one more generation that is not as popular, but will probably be in the future. The B8.5, produced in 2012-15, has a lovely 4.2 litre naturally aspirated engine that sings all the way to 8250 rpm. The one we feature here, is dressed in exclusive colors inside and out. Enjoy the orchestra!

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