1500HP 216mph: This Is The World’s Fastest Honda Integra

Once the world’s fastest two-wheel drive car, now all-wheel-drive, Myles Kerr’s 1,500(ish)-horsepower “Gringotegra” excels in the worlds of half-mile racing and “no-prep”—a form of drag runs on imperfect track surfaces to mimic street racing. Able to hit 195 mph in the quarter-mile (at 7.715s), Kerr’s hottest of hatches also runs a mind-melting 216 mph in the half-mile.

But this is a story about resilience, too. This is a car that’s seen its fair share of trials, from grand theft auto to the harsh realities of racing. Yet, each challenge has only added to its legacy, a testament to an unbreakable spirit of race-break-fix-race.

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