BMW M5 E34 Race Car || 334HP/1180KG Inline 6 Monster – St. Ursanne 2018

BMW M5 E34

This is Aramis Cereghetti´s Monster and a quite uncommon one. Although BMW M models are certainly popular among the HillClimb Racing crowd, the E34 Series 5 model is quite the unique pick.

But after years of development, it is now lightened to a very impressive 1180Kg figure and taking full advantage of the Naturally Aspirated 3.6L Inline 6 engine unit, here producing 334Hp/7.300Rpm and 400Nm of Torque.

Adding a 6-speed Sequential Gearbox by Bacci and we have a quite unique machine that maximizes its capabilites while retaining a lot of the characteristics that made the E34 M5 such a success and pioneer among the Sport Saloon genre.

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