Brutal Sounding BMW 320is E30 290HP || 9.800RPM Naturally Aspirated S14 Engine

E30 BMW stanced sound rpm

This is Patrick Orth´s BMW 320is E30 and it is not only one of the best sounding BMW´s in the German Berg-Cup series, but also one of the fastest. Masterfully driven, this 2.0L Naturally Aspirated S14 Engined Monster is producing a sonorous 290Hp/9.800Rpm distributed to the rear wheels through a Tractive 6-Speed Gerbox to move the 835Kg Classic machine.

Tuned by GERENT Rennsporttechnik, this is pretty much the “BMW Motorsport Purits” dream. Combining a highly strung, NA version of the Legendary S14 powerplant with lightweight dynamics devoid of pretty much any Electronic assists and just dependant of the driver´s skill. And on that Department, Mr. Orth, certainly doesn´t leave anything on the table….

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