AWD Civic Crashed | Frustrate K24 Hatch vs Hondabishi 4G63 Hatch RPT Creations

Damn bro. Good to hear you are ok!

Repost from @rpt_creations

The end of an era…Things didn’t go as planned and yes I’m hurt BUT I am alive to tell my story!

Regardless of the outcome and regardless of the issues we had I just want to thank @frustrateeg_mia and his family/team from the bottom of my heart for not hesitating 1 split second to literally run to me and get me out of the car. ♥️ Danny it was a pleasure meeting you, we are two of the very few humans left who actually race for the sport and not for clout and money! I’ve heard people say why would I go all the way south for a low pot race but you guys need to understand something…We primarily raced for the respect and bragging rights NOT for money!

All I can say is this…Don’t cheap out on safety! The Cage & safety equipment on my car is the reason I am here still able to make another post.

Regardless of what your opinions and feelings may be if you respect me I ask that you thank @frustrateeg_mia and his family/friends for assisting me and treating me like their own.

Last but not least I would love to also thank @mk1_danny @albin_5oh @busybrizzy @automotiveracingproductions for joining me on this crazy journey without any hesitation and being by my side.

#rptout #northvssouth


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