Foxbody’s Turbo is Bigger than a Basketball!

Turbo is Bigger than a Basketball

Denver has got to be one of these guys favorite places to travel in general and when you add cars to that mix, they are like kids in a candy store!

SCT Denver was an outstanding event this year with some insanely wild rides including this satin grey fox body! You can’t tell until the front clip is off of this thing, but it has one of the biggest Turbo’s they’ve ever seen! If it weren’t for Larry Larson’s turbo in his S10, this would definitely be the biggest one they’ve ever seen!

A massive turbo in a foxbody is always a combination for a fast car. This thing threw down! It won two of it’s classes in this video, and won three others the same week, its unstoppable! What do you guys think of this thing?! Thanks for watching everyone!

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