Dash Cam Footage Catches Nissan 350Z Crashing, Rolling In Street Race

Oh shit! It didn’t end well for the Nissan 350Z we see in this video. Posted recently by ViralHog, the accident crash occurred on June 29 in El Sobrante, California on westbound I-80 just past the Solano Avenue overpass.

Provided the GPS data on the dash cam video is accurate, we can also say it occurred at 5:38 pm local time – right in the middle of rush hour.

The video starts with the camera car approaching the overpass. A few seconds later we see a sports car flash past on the right shoulder, but it’s already too late. The driver lost control, and as the car slides back onto the highway we see the unmistakable profile of a 350Z, missing three cars by inches while spinning across four lanes of traffic.

That’s when the second car comes flying into view on the left, and it’s also easily identified thanks to its distinctive black roof, rear fascia, and black wheels. That’s Toyota Camry TRD packing 301 horsepower from its 3.5-liter V6 engine.

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