ENGINE CARNAGE! – Record holding VW goes BOOM!

Golf 20VT Turbo Stance Engine explosion

FWD Volkswagens running low 9’s? Pushing almost 900hp out of a 1.8L engine? With power to displacement like that, these VW’s are starting to rival rotary engines in terms of output! With high hopes, this Volkswagen GTI was TEARING down the strip at Maryland International Raceway with the intent to go rounds and compete in Import Vs Domestic’s True Street Class.

While we may not get to see these small monstrosities, Mike Pauciullo is no stranger to them at all! Running this platform and setup for years in search of its limitations, it would appear he’s found a weak point. We never like to see racers hard earned money destroy itself, but in this situation at least the engine’s last pass was something he can brag about!

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