EPIC Acceleration Compilation 2017 2000hp+ Toyota Supra & Skyline GTR & R35 Special

epic launches cars

Lots of boost, Toyota Supra with over 2000hp or 1000hp stock internals 2jz Power, Nissan Skyline GTR RB26 Turbo Sounds Flutter and BOV , insane accelerations, Honda Civic b16,b18 making 1100whp or even 1500whp,Audi s2 and Audi s3 with HUGE turbos making more than 1200hp…

VW golf making 800hp+ with no traction ( from boba motoring). Single Turbo RB26 , spinning all 4 tires ! 0-60 in less than 2sec and 0-120 in 5 sec.0-300 kmh and max speed/top speed clips ! GTR with 2000hp alpha omega.accelerating full throttle ! Crazy launch in traffic (Supra vs Mustang ) ! other cars making over 700hp easy !


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