FASTEST MR2 Ever! 1200HP Turbo Honda Powered MR2 CRUSHES MPH RECORD! (180MPH Street Car)

On this episode we’re back with Josh’s ridiculously fast Honda K20 powered Toyota MR2! This time he’s at the dragstrip attempting to go 8’s for the first time, which is so wild to think about because this MR2 is a full street car on drag radials.

They crank up the boost to 50+PSI and send it, crushing the 8 second barrier, securing the title for fastest MR2 mph in the 1/4 mile and 3rd quickest ET in the world. To our knowledge this is the quickest and fastest H-pattern trans MR2 and quickest/fastest MR2 on a radial tire. Strap in and enjoy this badass ride!

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