Ford Capri Crashes into BMW and Both Catch Fire!

The rivalry between the BMW 3.0 CSL and the Ford Capri RS3100 in the European Touring Car Championship led to incredible duels on the circuit in the 1970s. During a historic event on the Estoril circuit, the old fighters met again and this time things got heated.

The video footage shows how the Capri RS3100 enters the pit lane and brakes far too late for its stall. The Ford crashes into the back of the CSL Batmobile, causing the BMW’s fuel tank to rupture and a large amount of gasoline to leak. The fuel is quickly ignited by the heat of the Ford engine, causing a large sea of flames.

Several people in the pit lane try to extinguish the fire to save the priceless racing cars. As is often the case, it looks a bit clumsy at first and no one knows exactly what to do. By the end of the video, the fire is extinguished, but because the footage was cut, we don’t know how long it took to completely extinguish the fire.

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