He Blew up His Tesla Model S with 30KGs of Dynamite! But why?!

Angry Finn blows up his Tesla Model S with 30 kilos of dynamite after maintenance costs of more than $22,000!

Maintenance of your car is part of owning it, but with Tuomas Katainen it went a little bit wrong. He got the necessary error messages in his 8-year-old Tesla Model S and took the Tesla to the garage, where he was told that this could not be fixed without replacing the complete battery pack. Quanta costa? $22000 dollars!

He thought that was just a bit too much money, and to draw attention to the bad aftersales at Tesla, he decided to keep those knuckles in his pocket and blew up his car with 30 kilos of dynamite. With that, it all went now quite viral, so perhaps that will provide him enough for a new car. Damn, what a bang! Don’t forget to follow us also on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram!

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